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Sweetgras (Seneca Gras) 21”-24”

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Sweet Grass is a major incense: the incredibly fragrant tresses came freshly dried from Canada! Our Mariengraszopf is about 24” (~60 cm) long. And these braids have it all: The scent of the braid is beguiling – light and sweet. Since Sweet grass appeals after Indian traditions to both – the good and the evil spirits – it is ideal, to perform up front a cleansing ceremony for example, with the classic white sage and then invite new harmony and good energy with sweetgrass. The scent of sweet grass while smoking is purifying, protective and a balm for the nose and the soul. In the Indian tradition (in Canada, the Indians are called as ‘First Nations’), it is used for summoning positive forces. Lovingly hand woven – we have here a very special sweetgrass quality for you.

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  • Our sweetgrass (Sweet Grass ) has a length of about 24 inches or 60cm
  • Sweet Grass – cleans , cleans with the unique Vanilliearoma
  • Carefully harvested in Canada and made into braids
  • Sweet grass supports many Ritaule and is a very significant Räucherkraut
  • It is worshiped by the natives as a sacred plant and has magical powers after
  • It should remind us of Mother Nature – because that nature gives us everything we need.

The braid is held during smoking to one side while you light him on the other side and fan it with air. The grass develops a sweet, almost beguiling soft scent that smells with a pleasent note of vanilla. The scent comes from coumarin, (also in our domestic Woodruff included). Dried it is able to develop its unique fragrance. Sweet gras can be mixed well with myrrh and other incense

General PRECAUTIONS for use of SCENTS: This is not a food or medical product / This is a nonfood product , june not be used for medical treatment . The use of incense must be done in a responsible way and should only be performed by a competent adult and due to the risk of fire better in the open air and allways on a non- flammable surface and setup. Sage and other inseb´nce like sweet gras is a natural product , the eventual ignite at your own risk – it can therefore no liability claims against us are unfounded. Use Incense for only a godly , positive goal orientation – if you have other ideas , please send us the goods and sealed in original package back, we will refund the purchase price . Since Incense, in particular coals, incense sticks, as well as censers can be very hot , a fire hazard! Incense, and in particular Räucherkohlen can afterflame or smolder for a long time and may during the entire usage time and during the afterglow not be left unattended . Keep children and animals away from incense and storage of incense has to be such that this is beyond the reach of children and animals. Use safety protective gloves and a heat resistant surface when handling incense and Räucherwerkzubehör . Incense and shells have a stable place to stand on a fireproof surface and may not be carried around in space.

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