Shasta Sage, blue Sage Smudge Wand XL 7-8” long

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Shasta Sage or Blue Sage comes from the area of Mount Shasta from northern California. It is said that it has a strong yin energy so therefore it would be ideal for orientation and preparation for a meditation or healing ceremony. Mount Shasta is supposed to be one of the seven sacred mountains of the world and is home to many notable hurricanes. Therefore smoke bundle of Shasta Sage are very special. The Smudge or wand are very popular for smudging the body aura or atmosphere for quick cleaning in rooms.

Application: Simple light the top of the wand, fanning air and let it smolder. Delete the rod with the smoke rising from bottom to top along the body or walk across the room in a clockwise direction. Then ventilate well.

Dimensions: length 22 cm, diameter 5 cm. + / – 95 grams.

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Our dried white sage products come from the coasts and mountains of California, where they are carefully harvested, dried and loose or packaged into bundles . These Smudge Sticks have been used for generations by Native Americans for purification/smudging ceremonies. After that negative energies are reduced by smoking with the herbs there is space for good energy, healing and abundance.

General PRECAUTIONS for use of SCENTS: This is a nonfood product , may not be used for medical treatment .
The use of incense is done responsible , should only be performed by competent adults and due to the risk of fire in the open air on a non- flammable surface . Sage is a natural product , the eventual ignite at your own risk – it can therefore no liability claims against us are unfounded.
Use Incense for only a godly , positive goal orientation – if you have other ideas , please send us the goods and sealed in original package back, we will refund the purchase price .
Since Incense, in particular Räucherkohlen , incense sticks, as well as censers can be very hot , a fire hazard! Incense, and in particular Räucherkohlen can afterflame or smolder for a long time and may during the entire usage time and during the afterglow not be left unattended . Keep children and animals away from incense and storage of incense has to be such that this is beyond the reach of children and animals. Use safety protective gloves and a heat resistant surface when handling incense and Räucherwerkzubehör . Incense and shells have a stable place to stand on a fireproof surface and may not be carried around in space. It might otherwise eg Räucherstövchen the Räuchersiebe fall and cause the hot incense burns , to name just one example.

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