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5”-6” abalone shell great natural coloring with medium sized 5” white sage smudge

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Our very decorative and natural abalone shells shimmer in all facets of your magic Perlmutschicht inside. Biologically , the abalone shell is actually not a shell, but comes from a snail and is also colloquially known as abalone . Since Genaerationen It serves as a censer on ritual occasions . Are you a little sand in the abalone shell , you can let abglimmen in your Räucherbündel , sweet grass and sage leaves . When smoked , it embodies the element of water , the source of all life , the subconscious , the world of feelings and emotions. The sage is gathered lovingly by hand – we have here for you a very special quality sage with a full, spicy scent ! Every day when I come into our little camp, I take that wonderful smell was . And as a reward I räuchere almost daily basis . He is one of the most important Räucherpflanzen with the Indians and has a cleansing , clearing, and wakes ! Just as well. Mixed with other herbs, for example, with incense for purification of rooms Sage is a classic for the spiritual and energetic cleansing the aura , for example, simply fanning the scent with a nice feather in the aura …. hm … which frees and creates space for positive energies !

  • White Sage Smudge Sticks from California a natural product
  • Carefully and gently collected by hand and then carefully bundled
  • dried and then fresh and aroma gently packed in a resealable bag valued
  • Different sizes and quantities available , depending on need and purpose

Exemplary Application: Especially in practice or exercise rooms, it is advisable to smoke after treatment or exercise group with the refreshing sage. This can be done discreetly . For best results use only 2-3 leaves leaves on a coal or smoke with a small or larger Smudge the room – very quickly, the rooms again clears and opens space for new energy. Sage also has an everyday use: it also distributes bad energies and bad odors. If you have something intensely smelling like fish or potato pancakes cooked – with white sage, the room air is flavored quickly again wonderfully. It sells the smells through the window (open it before treatment, this is important!) And takes them out.



  • ML version weighs ~ 40Gramm diameter ( made ​​by hand , can be used in the other direction as a by about 5% fluctuation ) , size approx 13 – 15cm, on average about 38mm
  • Large Abalone Shell : The shell has a size of about 14-16 cm in length and has a shimmering in all facets Perlmutschicht
  • If necessary fill for use with direct embers and charcoal the bottom of the shell with some sand

The abalone shell has close to the ground several natural holes which provide a convenient air supply. That it works as a good and natural incense burner. Since time immemorial, people have used this shell for appropriate rituals / incense.

Our dried white sage products come from the coasts and mountains of California , where she carefully harvested , dried and loose or packaged into bundles . These Smudge Sticks have been used for generations by Native Americans for purification ceremonies. After that traditional ceremonie negative energies may be reduced by smoking with the herbs and this opens space for healing and abundance. White Sage is very suitable for mixing with other incense.


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