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12 pieces of sacred wood ‘palo santo’ 9,5x1x1cm /5-6gr ea.

8,88€ EUR inkl. USt. zzgl ggf. Versand

  • Palo Santo Hölzchen werden genutzt, um damit negative Energieen aus dem Umfeld zu entfernen. Nebenbei werden Mücken und Insekten vertrieben und die Luft gereinigt, damit der Geist und Körper entspannen kann.

  • Some say Palo Santo sticks can be used in order to remove negative energies from the environment. Palo Santo is a dryforesttree and can be translated with ‘sacred wood’. The tree blooms yellow and has hard, resinous wood. It is regarded as a strong and resilient tree that is under extremely harsh conditions prevalent in South America in the highlands of the Andes. Palo Santo belongs botanically to the Bursera family. The special feature is a high resin content ( Copal resin) in the wood. The smell when smoke is wonderfully sweet, with a hint of coconut, but ultimately with little else comparable and very special. Our Palo Santo Sticks / sticks are about 9-10 cm long, and about 1 x 1 cm wide/high. This product is produced without hurting the important living resources of the Palo Santo Forrest. Only the wood is used, that has died a natural way. It is a product of Ecuador. Our producer is involved in the reforestation of Palo Santo forest.

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Unlike other wood species the Palo Santo is only to be used if it was naturally falling down ie. in a form of a branch of its own from a tree and lying on the ground for some time in order to be processed. Therefore, no living tree is felled for this product, otherwise the healing and special properties – that some people and old traditions say are attached to it – would be lost . Even if we only import apostate wood, we decided to support a supplier who goes even further: He is actively involved on the renaturation and plants trees to leave to keep the forrest for the next generation and gives besides that more than 2 dozen local residents sustainable and fair income as artisans in harmony with nature .

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