How Smudging can support Feng Shui

How Smudging can support Feng Shui

How smudging can support a good Feng Shui

To know whether Smudging is something for you, let us first have a look at what Smudging is in and how it works.

Question: What is Smudging ( smoking ) ?

I was told by a Feng Shui consultant , it would be good to perform smudging in my house. From the little I know , Smudging is not trivial. What is Smudging and what has it to do with Feng Shui? Can I do something else for my house , which as smudging works?

Answer: Yes, Smudging a house is usually a good idea. Also, a person or a Gegengenstand can be smoked. Not all people are excited about the idea of smudging at first – either because of the smell or because of the actual Smudging sequence.
The principles of Smudging not come from the Feng Shui. They come from traditions of Native American shamans who smoked on your part to promote healing and positive energy. The most common herb that has been vewendet when Smudging is the white sage ( salvia apiana or Indian sage) : This is the scent that most people associate with smudging . Marie Grass and cedar have been traditionally used in smudging ceremonies. Compare Rates for Smudge Sticks , they vary .

It is important to understand is that every culture has developed its own way of Smudging – each using different herbs for cleansing the energy. If too much focused only on the techniques and the fact that Feng Shui ( which originated from China ) the Smudging uses ( a Native American ceremony) miss many the most important thing – the goal of curing his being on all levels – physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Feng Shui is a deeply healing art in its essence. The main objective of Feng Shui is to enhance human well -being. Modern Applications of Traditional Feng Shui include healing aids from many parts of the world. Smudging or burning of herbs for purifying negative energy , such a tool , which is often used in their own home or in the office is (usually , of course, not during regular office hours ).

Smudging comes from the deep understanding of the way how energy works . Since energy is constantly in motion , their positive and negative polarities can be easily steered with specialized tools and meanings. Powerful herbs are one such tool .

By burning of sacred herbs, the powerful energy of the fire can be unleashed and the effective healing power of plant neutralize and purify any negative presence. This can be negative energy in one place , such as a house , an office, or even a piece of land be , or the negative energy surrounding a person , whether in thought, emotion or actual manifestation as physical symptoms.

Smudging is usually done by fire to the head of a Smudge sticks with a candlelight, then gently swing in the air until the tip begins to glow . You can then run the smoke from the smudge stick to certain parts of your house , or parts of your body. You need a container for the Smudge Stick to perform the process safely.

Safety Note : Please take care when dealing with fire and embers on a responsible approach and make sure that no embers or fire spread and can spread . Please collect it possibly support a more experienced . For adults only.

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