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salvia apiana, White sage California, White Sage

salvia apiana, White sage California, White Sage

The White sage grows as an evergreen perennial herb to subshrub , reaching heights of growth of up to 1 meter. The main occurrence is mainly in the U.S. Southwest (Nevada, California , Mojave and Sonoran desert ) on sunny hot – spots along the coast, especially between Santa Barbara and the Baja Peninsula and in northwestern Mexico. The preferred location is fully exposed to the sun , rather dry , especially in winter .

The primarily undergraduate, highly aromatic leaves are broadly lanceolate with finely serrated leaf edge with a length of 4 to 8 cm. The leaf surface is dense and pressed down with fine ( fluff -like ), simple hairs ( trichomes ) covered by the leaves are whitish.

For spiritual cleansing White Sage is used in incense to drive away diseases and negative forces. Dedicated to the sweat lodge, he also finds use .

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