About us & Impressum

We Alex and I, Armin , have found after a couple of years, that everything is connected together. And the old traditions, consciousness and rites need your space even or especially in the present world. To support these rites, we created a space that provides material for the various processes. It involves cleansing incense and medicinal plants that have been used by the indigenous people to clean the buildup of the day, apartment or to clean objects spiritually and give space to good energies. What we are doing to the spiritual effect and the support of those who are on the journey.

White Sage ( White Sage ) Smudge Sticks – Our dried white sage products come from the coasts and mountains of California , where they carefully harvested , dried and packed loose or bundled as a smudge stick. These Smudge Sticks have been used for generations by Native Americans for purification ceremonies. After that negative energies are reduced by smoking with the herbs and there is space for healing and abundance.

General PRECAUTIONS for use of SCENTS: This is a nonfood product, may not be used for medical treatment
The use of incense should be done responsible and with focus and intention. It should  only be performed by competent adults and due to the risk of fire on a non- flammable surface and surrounding. Sage is a natural product, the eventual ignite You do at your own risk , it can therefore no liability claims against us are unfounded.
Use Incense only for a godly , positive goal orientated way – if you have others in mind , please send us the goods sealed back, we will refund the purchase price.

Since Incense, in particular coals, incense sticks, as well as censers can be very hot , watch out for a fire hazard! Incense, and in particular coals can afterflame or smolder for a long time and may during the entire usage time and during the afterglow not be left unattended. Keep children and animals away from incense and storage of incense has to be such that this is beyond the reach of children and animals. Use safety protective gloves and a heat resistant surface when handling incense and assecoires. Incense and shells have a stable place to stand on a fireproof surface and may not be carried around in space. It might otherwise eg Räucherstövchen the Räuchersiebe fall and cause the hot incense burns , to name just one example.

Contacts :
Native- is a service of Nanook – trading GmbH , Nartenstr . 19 , 21079 Hamburg , Phone: +49 ( 0) 40 32,845,255 ; native -spirit (at) nanook – , Managing Director: Alexander Bonnemann , Armin von Lewinski ; tax office : Hamburg Harburg ; tax number : 47/746/00626 UID DE277557237 ; register Hamburg , HRB 118475

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